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Queen’s Brian May reacts to Manchester terror attack: ‘Why does the world hate us that much?’

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Classic rock guitarist speaks following tragic incident at Ariana Grande concert

Queen guitarist Brian May has spoken about last night’s terror attack in Manchester, Keep Reading

Fans post footage of U2 rehearsing ahead of ‘The Joshua Tree’ world tour

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Opening 30th anniversary show kick offs in Canada tonight (May 12)


Fans have posted footage of U2 rehearsing ahead of their opening 30th Keep Reading

Erykah Badu announces Badu vs. Everythang world tour

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Photo by Philip Cosores

Erykah Badu gave us one of our favorite late-night performances of 2016. Now, the R&B veteran will bring her captivating live show to various corners of the globe on an upcoming tour.

Set to kick off the first week of May and run through early October, the jaunt includes dates in North America, Europe, and Asia. The Badu vs. Everythang tour also features a handful of scheduled festival appearances, such as Switzerland’s Montreaux Jazz FestFYF Fest in Los Angeles, and The Meadows Music and Arts Festival in New York.

Consult the full itinerary below. Badu’s last release was her 2015 mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone

Erykah Badu 2017 Tour Dates:
05/06 – Birmingham, Keep Reading

How the caustic, fucked-up noise of Aphex Twin turned my teenage world inside out

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Joe Muggs was 17 and living in small middle England market town Wantage when word of mouth reached him about a frantic new track from then rising electronic artist Aphex Twin. After eventually tracking down a copy, nothing was the same. He explains how the pre-internet age fed the Richard D. James mystery machine, and why he never looked back after his first rush of AFX chaos.

When I first realized how ‘Didgeridoo’ was meant to sound, I was relieved, because I’d been playing my copy at 45rpm until then. I’d read about this “ultimate mental tune” that Aphex Twin used to use to clear the floor at the end of raves, so naturally I assumed that it was really mental. There was no way of knowing at the time how something was meant to sound, after all. Out in the sticks, we might be able to get a crackly signal from Kiss FM in London if we stuck an aerial out of an upstairs window, but bar Coldcut, who never told you what they were playing anyway, the chances of them playing Aphex Twin were pretty slim. Or there was John Peel. That was it.

Without wanting to be all “in my day we had to make do with a hoop, a stick and a lump of mud”, things like YouTube, SoundCloud, Shazam, even blogs and forums, were literally science fiction. There was no information bar NME, Melody Maker, Mixmag and Peel. If the staff of your local record shop didn’t know what speed something was played at – and in this particular case, all they had to say is “I got one of them weirdo tunes for you” – how were you supposed to know?

“The inhumanity was magic”

Anyway. I worked it out eventually, and was very glad I did because playing not only ‘Didgeridoo’ but the other EP tracks at 45 was frankly doing my head in. And the music was quite weird enough at the normal speed. We’d been seduced in by the still-unbelievable bliss of Analogue Bubblebath 1 the year before, and then Selected Ambient Works 85-92 at the start of ‘92, but then he turned on us: Didgeridoo EP, Xylem Tube EP, two EPs as Caustic Window, and most terrifying of all his remix of Mescalinum United’s ‘We Have Arrived’ (which scared Keep Reading

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