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John Legend says Trump ‘wants more people to die so he can embarrass Obama’

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The musician has hit out at the current US President over his attempts to repeal Obamacare

John Legend has hit out at Donald Trump on Twitter

John Legend has criticised Donald Trump‘s attempts to repeal Obamacare after the US Senate failed to pass another draft of …Continue reading »

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Elizabeth Warren on Kid Rock’s US Senate campaign: ‘We all thought Trump was joking’

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The Massachusetts Senator has warned supporters not to take the musician’s apparent political ambitions too lightly

Elizabeth Warren has warned against not taking Kid Rock’s political ambitions Keep Reading

Donald Trump’s lawyer is in a band with the ex-singer of Kansas

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Jay Sekulow is part of the legal team representing the President against allegations of Russian collusion

President Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow

A lawyer for Keep Reading

NEA website updated to protect President Trump’s frail ego

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A modernized adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has drawn criticism for its portrayal of a Trump-like Roman dictator who is assassinated by women and minorities. Though Donald Trump’s name is never mentioned in the play, the character leaves little to the imagination: he has blonde hair, wears a red tie, tweets from a golden bathtub, and is married to a woman with a Slavic accent. Thus, conservative media has been quick to latch onto a narrative of liberal literary snowflakes wasting taxpayers’ money to live out their fantasies of assassinating our supreme emperor in the name of art. That despite the fact that Julius Caesar was written 400 years ago and a previous staging Keep Reading

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