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Iron Maiden aren’t playing one of their classic hits on tour because of a lawsuit

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‘Hallowed By Thy Name’ is currently absent from the band’s live set.

Iron Maiden are being sued over their classic hit ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’. A live version of the song became …Continue reading »

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The band said in a statement: “The dispute concerns the song ‘Life’s Shadow,’ a song originally written in the early 1970s, credited to Robert Barton and Brian Ingham, and recorded by the band Beckett. Steve Harris was a fan of Beckett and some six lines from ‘Life’s Shadow’ were referenced in Steve’s song, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name,’ which was recorded by Iron Maiden and appeared on the album ‘The Number of the Beast’ which was released in 1982.

The Keep Reading

Hurts discuss progress on their ‘big, powerful, personal, pop’ new album

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‘We’re definitely on to something special’

Hurts’ Theo Hutchcraft

Hurts have revealed that their upcoming fourth album is set to be Keep Reading

A Metallica tribute band was robbed in Portland, and Metallica replaced their gear

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As Metallica get ready to embark on a 2017 stadium tour alongside Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, and Gojira, the band took some time to assist another act in serious need, as though reaching out to say they’re “madly in anger with you.”

Last weekend, on Saturday the 23rd, the Metallica tribute band Blistered Earth played a show in Portland. Sometime after their set, their tour van was broken into, and all of their gear was stolen. The band posted a list of everything lost on their Facebook page:


Over the past week, the theft became a modest story around Oregon, and well-wishers began pounding the pavement to try and get Blistered Earth’s gear back. But now, the theft has been swept aside by just about the best imaginable news a robbed touring Keep Reading

Metallica help out tribute band after their equipment is stolen

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James Hetfield also recently refused to reveal his opinion on Donald Trump


Metallica have restored all of tribute band Blistered Earth‘s Keep Reading

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