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Radiohead fan recreates OK Computer cover at Connecticut location it was shot

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Hartford, CT: OK Computer capital of the world.

Radiohead fans got their minds blown last week upon the discovery that the seemingly anonymous highway connector on the cover of OK Computer is located in Hartford, Connecticut. Now another fan has travelled to the Hilton hotel where the original photo appeared to be taken to get a look for themselves.

Theories suggested that the Hilton hotel was where the cover photo was taken due to the angle and the fact that the band performed Keep Reading

Location of Radiohead’s OK Computer artwork has been discovered

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer, and we’ll surely be hearing plenty of fascinating andecdotes about the album in the lead up to the album’s June 23rd deluxe reissue. Already we’ve heard the origin story of “Lift” and why the band opted not to include it on the album. Now, a Radiohead fan has seemingly uncovered the location of OK Computer’s album cover.

After consulting with the self-described “roadgeeks” of AARoads.com, reddit user Jordan117 discovered that the photo is of the eastbound junction of I-84 (a.k.a. the Yankee Expressway) with I-91 in Hartford, Connecticut, just before it crosses the Keep Reading

Is this the highway Radiohead’s OK Computer cover is based on?

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The picture is seriously convincing

Radiohead’s OK Computer turns 20 this year and one fan may have discovered the location of the anonymous freeway connector depicted on the album cover, NME points out.

Those two things are connected because, as the fan explains on Reddit, it was only through Stanley Donwood’s recently released concept art that they were able to decipher the location.

After posting some of the clearer images on an AARoads forum, some eagle-eyed road enthusiasts had an answer: Keep Reading

Location of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ artwork revealed?

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Is this the motorway from the classic album cover?

The actual motorway depicted in the cover of Radiohead‘s ‘OK Computer’ artwork Keep Reading

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