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Prince drummer John Blackwell Jr. has died at the age of 43

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Sticksman also performed with Justin Timberlake

John Blackwell Jr.

Prince‘s former drummer John Blackwell Jr. has died at the age Keep Reading

Prince drummer John Blackwell Jr. has died aged 43

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Blackwell Jr. also played drums for Patti La Belle, D’Angelo, Justin Timberlake and more.

John Blackwell Jr., the longtime drummer for Prince who performed in his band The New Power Generation, has died aged 43.

According to a statement from Blackwell Jr.’s wife Yaritza, he passed away “peacefully in my company today” (July 4). He Keep Reading

R.I.P. John Blackwell Jr., drummer in Prince’s New Power Generation has died at age of 43

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John Blackwell Jr., a go-to drummer for the likes of Prince, D’Angelo, Justin Timberlake, and more, has died at the age of 43.

According to his wife, Blackwell had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016.

Blackwell got his big break in 1998 after landing a gig drumming for Patti LaBelle. A short time later, he met Keep Reading

Nile Rodgers says he scrapped Chic song about Prince after his death

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“After he passed away, it felt wrong. It felt uncomfortable.”

Nile Rodgers is preparing to release the first Chic album in 25 years, It’s About Time, and today revealed he originally wrote a song about Prince for it, but scrapped it after the musician’s death.

Rodgers’ song had the working title ‘Prince Said It’ and was about his friendship with the musician, he explained to Pitchfork at Glastonbury, but “it felt wrong” once he died.

“From the time that I started to work on this album, a lot of heavy things have happened. I mean, David Keep Reading

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