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Nile Rodgers says he scrapped Chic song about Prince after his death

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“After he passed away, it felt wrong. It felt uncomfortable.”

Nile Rodgers is preparing to release the first Chic album in 25 years, It’s About Time, and today revealed he originally wrote a song about Prince for it, but scrapped it after the musician’s death.

Rodgers’ song had the working title ‘Prince Said It’ and was about his friendship with the musician, he explained to Pitchfork at Glastonbury, but “it felt wrong” once he died.

“From the time that I started to work on this album, a lot of heavy things have happened. I mean, David Keep Reading

Johnny Depp apologises for controversial comments about ‘assassinating’ Donald Trump

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‘I intended no malice’

Johnny Depp and Donald Trump

Johnny Depp has apologised for the controversial comments he made at Glastonbury about ‘assassinating’ Keep Reading

Bill Cosby to hold town halls to educate young people about sexual assault

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It’s been less than a week since Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case ended in a mistrial after a jury was unable to reach an unanimous decision, but the comedian has already announced his next move: educating today’s youth about sexual assault.

Cosby’s spokespeople, Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, shared the news during an appearance on Good Day Alabama on Wednesday, disclosing his plans to speak at town halls this summer and inform young people, specifically athletes, about how to be on the lookout for situations that could be ripe for accusations.

“They need know what they’re facing when they’re hanging out and partying, when they’re doing certain things they shouldn’t be doing,” explained Wyatt. Keep Reading

Giegling co-founder Konstantin under fire for sexist comments about female DJs

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The DJ is alleged to have said that women are “worse at DJing than men are.”

Konstantin, co-founder of Germany’s Giegling collective and label, has been criticized for sexist comments made during an interview with Groove magazine.

The DJ was quoted as saying in a translated version of the article that has been circulating on social media that it’s “unfair that female DJs are so heavily promoted” and that women are “worse at DJing than men are.”

Konstantin is also alleged to have said that “women who seek careers in male-dominated industries like the DJ business must lose their ‘female qualities’ and become ‘manly’”.

The Black Madonna and all-female dance music collective Discwoman supported the picture painted of Konstantin in the Groove interview with their own testimony, alleging that he had said similar things to them in the past.

A tweet from Discwoman’s account said that Konstantin had said the same to some of their members “verbatim”, while The Black Madonna said that he had referred to himself as a “chauvinist” Keep Reading

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