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Garth Brooks Proves Magnetic & Empathetic at Yankee Stadium

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“I’m nervous as hell,” Garth Brooks announced during a press conference Friday afternoon at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Keep Reading

Beyoncé responds to Dallas police shootings: “No violence will create peace”

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Beyoncé has paid tribute to the five police officers killed, and seven others injured, during a shooting in Dallas this week.

The pop singer posted an Instagram video featuring the names of the five slain officers. In the caption, she wrote, “Rest in peace to the officers whose lives were senselessly taken yesterday in Dallas. I am praying for a full recovery of the seven others injured. No violence will create peace. Every human life is valuable. We must Keep Reading

Stormzy addresses this week's racial tensions and violence in new series of tweets

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Stormzy has taken to Twitter to address the problem of racial ignorance after a week in which the US was hit by a surge in racial tensions after three major incidents of violence.

The US has endured a turbulent week for its race relations after two high-profile shootings of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana sparked mass outrage. A subsequent peaceful protest in response to those murders in Dallas, Texas was ended after five white police officers were shot dead on Thursday night.

A host of voices from the music and entertainment world have commented extensively on the events of this week, including Stormzy, who posted an impassioned message to his social media accounts yesterday expressing solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement and urging everyone “to do more” to ease racial tensions.

The MC took to Twitter this evening (July 9) to further comment on the fall-out of this week’s events, asking what he called “genuine questions” about ignorance. See the tweets below.

It's become clear to me that a lot of people CHOOSE to be ignorant…why does this make you uncomfortable it's ok to admit it's a race issue— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) July 9, 2016

Is there hope for those being deliberately ignorant? Genuine genuine question…?— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) July 9, 2016

Sometimes I see wild views and I can see that the person may just need a little bit of enlightening which is cool…— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) July 9, 2016

..:and a lot of the time they're willing to discuss, debate and be educated.— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) July 9, 2016

But then I'll have someone in my mentions who I can tell just really really really wants to believe that this is nothing to do with race…— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) July 9, 2016

Is that person just a Keep Reading

Liam Gallagher launches fresh “potato” attack on brother Noel

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Liam Gallagher has once again branded his brother Noel Gallagher a “potato” on Twitter, reigniting the current feud between the two former Oasis members.

The pair’s relationship has been on especially rocky ground since Oasis’ split in 2009, although there has been speculation this year that the seminal band might reform. But after producer and electronic musician David Holmes revealed in May that “people are going to be surprised” by the “fun” feel of Noel’s new album, Liam responded by labelling Holmes a “yes man” and Noel a “potato” before tweeting “FUCK OASIS”.

Liam took to Twitter earlier today (July 9) to further insult his brother. See the tweets below.

There doesn’t seem Keep Reading

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