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Jerry Heller Sues Straight Outta Compton Producers for Defamation

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Jerry Heller (music executive N.W.A.) has filed a defamation lawsuit towards Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, the estate of Eazy-E, NBC Universal, and other parties associated with the Straight Outta Compton, as TMZ reports.

He claims he was illegally portrayed as “the bad guy”, and moreover he never Keep Reading

Rihanna Will Be Actress In Upcoming Sci-Fi Film ‘Valerian’

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Rihanna has a big part for a new big-budget movie directed/produced by the famous Luc Besson (known for his work with grab-your-seat thrillers like The Fifth Element and Taken) .

The production, called ‘Valerian‘, is slated for July 17, 2017 release.

Besson announced the news on his Instagram:


It’s not the first time for Rihanna, indeed she appeared in:

  • 2012 Battleship
  • 2013 This Is The End
  • 2015 Annie.

and also:

2015 is the Keep Reading

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